Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads

Google AdWords, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads

Pay Per Click doesn't have to cost a fortune, but if you don't have a very clear strategy, you will soon lose yours... your fortune!

While ‘white-hat’ SEO and content driven digital marketing campaigns are arguably THE best way to drive traffic to your website, they can take months to years (depending on several factors, but usually 4 months is the earliest you will begin to actually FEEL the ROI) to show their worth.

That’s where a strict, highly targeted Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign – just one of several options available BTW – can help.

Knowing your target market/audience, knowing how they think, what they are looking for and what questions they are asking we can create a very specific set of parameters that MUST be met before Google will show them your Ad. That way, if they see it AND they click it, there is a very good reason to believe that within that same visit, they will likely become a high-potential lead!

Although Facebook and Bing (and Twitter and Instagram) all behave slightly differently, the same principles apply. With a deep and clear understanding of your target customer, we can tailor build advertising campaigns that will not only save you money, they will MAKE YOU MONEY!



“Building customer personas is not only a smart idea, it is the starting point for every succesful online marketing campaign we build. Before you even begin, answer this question – What keywords, what is the exact keyword phrase that your perfect customer would type in to the Google search engine and your business would be the BEST answer to their question?!?!” – Daniel Bisett – CEO of L’Austin Translation

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