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This is the new location to find all of my latest blogs that have been modified and validated for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Within you will find links to all of my blogs but if you are viewing them on your phone, these blogs will load instantaneously (or almost anyway)! Enjoy and as… continue reading »

The #PavementPitch… your attire : a 24/7 business dinner party = your website : your future customers

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So, instead of a/b testing my current pitch to my family and friends who, let’s face it, don’t really want to know because either a) giving input that could mean the difference between winning or losing thousands of dollars stresses them out or b) they simply don’t care enough to have an opinion that would… continue reading »

Why I don’t rely JUST on digital marketing… and neither should you!

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I Learned it from YOU Dad! Ok, so not from my dad… Rather from the biggest and most important influence on my life these past 12 years… my wife: feet hitting the pavement. If you want to get a job, you have to walk the beat. The backstory goes something like this: My then fiancee… continue reading »

40% Tax on Profits!? Shut the Front Door!

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Taxes Man Means Paying Income Business Or Property Tax

That’s what the man said over the phone anyway! That just doesn’t make good #businesscents to me!!! Essentially, If I do business as a Sole Proprietor (essentially as a #selfemployedidiot), it sounds like this: I’ll have to pay 25% taxes to the federal government for things like Social Security and Medicare I’ll also have to pay… continue reading »


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On March 23rd 2016, I officially resigned from my full-time teaching position that I had held for nearly 8 years and began the newest and most exciting journey yet… I began operating my own business L’Austin Translation, this bad boy that you’re reading right now, full-time. And so the fun begins! Now it’s time to… continue reading »