WPRig and AMP plugin is a recipe for success!

Hi. I’m Daniel Bisett, owner of Austintatious Design and creator of AMP Like A Pro. Coming to you from Montreal Canada. Yesterday I did a blog in French and so today here it is in English. Essentially, I want to talk to you about a toolkit called WPRig. It is a WordPress theme development tool […]

WPRig and AMP – ensemble ce sont tres fort!

Je m’appelle Daniel Bisett et je suis le propriétaire d’Austintatious Design et le créateur d’Amp Like A Pro. Aujourd’hui je viens de Montréal, canada.so c’est pourquoi je parle français.so, aujourd’hui je voulais juste vous parler de WP Rig , une nouvelle boîte à outils qui facilite la création de thèmes progressifs dans WordPress. Et la […]

Working remotely is a win-win-win

Working remotely is a win-win….. win. For You – You get to work from wherever the wind blows you. You get to work whenever the fancy takes you. You get to work in whatever environment suits you. For Company – They don’t have to pay the overhead to maintain a station for you. Whenever you’re […]

Every Business Needs AMP

Hi. I’m Daniel Bisett the owner of Austintatious Design and creator of AMP Like A Pro. Every business needs AMP. The AMP project was first launched by Google in October 2015 with several well-known publishers and technologies: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn on board from its inception. AMP pages are incredibly fast because they are built on […]

AMP Is All About Speed

00:00 Daniel: I’m Daniel Bisett the owner of Austintatious Design and the creator of AMP Like A Pro. I wanted to take a quick second to introduce you to AMP the Accelerated Mobile Pages project that Google started back in 2015 because now it is really gaining momentum. You see no longer is simply having […]

The #PavementPitch… your attire : a 24/7 business dinner party = your website : your future customers

So, instead of a/b testing my current pitch to my family and friends who, let’s face it, don’t really want to know because either a) giving input that could mean the difference between winning or losing thousands of dollars stresses them out or b) they simply don’t care enough to have an opinion that would […]

Why I don’t rely JUST on digital marketing… and neither should you!

I Learned it from YOU Dad! Ok, so not from my dad… Rather from the biggest and most important influence on my life these past 12 years… my wife: feet hitting the pavement. If you want to get a job, you have to walk the beat. The backstory goes something like this: My then fiancee […]

1 Thing New Entrepreneurs Should NEVER Say To Their Partners (husbands/wives/etc)!

Allow me to set the stage. My name is Daniel, and I’m a workaholic. Ever since I started my own business, I’ve been burning the candle at all 4 ends… seriously I like some crazy candles. Anyway, having just recently started this road of the entrepreneur, I still have not learned how to strike that […]

40% Tax on Profits!? Shut the Front Door!

That’s what the man said over the phone anyway! That just doesn’t make good #businesscents to me!!! Essentially, If I do business as a Sole Proprietor (essentially as a #selfemployedidiot), it sounds like this: I’ll have to pay 25% taxes to the federal government for things like Social Security and Medicare I’ll also have to pay […]

Don’t Talk $$$ Money… not at first anyway!

So, I just got a message from a brand new connection on LinkedIn which basically read, “I’m rebranding. Going to need a new website and everything that goes with it. Nice to know you are local. Call me on…” I called straight away because I’m laid up on the couch with a sprained ankle I […]