If Google thinks it’s important, so do we!

Google’s newest solution to helping mobile (and every other device for that matter) users not waste time wating for a page to load is simple: instant loading = no waiting.

Current websites (even the mobile friendly ones) are loading between 3.5 and 7 seconds depending. But the average visitor is only willing to wait 2.3 seconds… so what does that mean? If your site didn’t load fast enough, you lost that potential visitor.

What is more, recent studies have shown that ranking on Google is directly proportionate to the popularity of your page as regards the search query. The more popular your site, the higher in the search results it is shown.

Clearly, if your site loads too slowly and you’re losing potential visitors, your ‘popularity markers’ will be very low. Meanwhile, if your page loads instantly (or as near to it as Google can make it) the chances of retaining that potential lead not only increase exponentially, but their trust-factor in your site sky rockets when they recognize how professional your site is (and speed is a direct measure of site professionality by most viewers).

Austintatious Design Co. is AMP valid and so should your site be!

Have you ever noticed that little lightening bolt icon inside the search result on your mobile phone? That means that page is AMP valid and will load instantly. While you may or may not have noticed it before, you will from now on, and that is exactly what will be happening to your visitors over the next few months. Get ahead of the game, and get your site AMPed!
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